Born in Karlsruhe
University of Heidelberg and London (Master of Arts)
Living and working in Heidelberg

I am a figurative painter. I don’t have a favourite colour. I like acrylics for their quick results and oils for their smell. I love Old Masters and some modern masters too.

Had I been an Old Master I would probably have painted still lifes, as I am intrigued by the subject of Vanitas, and the momentariness of life.

Nowadays, all varieties of classic still lifes have been painted, so I keep searching for other ways to capture the transitory aspects of modern life without the help of decaying food or dead birds. For my latest series, my sketchbook has become a little battered Japanese camera (Digital Harinezumi). According to its manufacturer it is re-inventing what is around us. With its blurs, distortions and inaccurate colours it enables me to add a snapshot quality to my paintings, while I try to illustrate the melancholia and the inevitability of the constant change around me.

Change seems to be the leitmotiv for the upcoming year, as I am recently moving back and forth between portrait, landscape and still life. Always in search of a new form of expression, I keep switching between a simple freestyle and a more realistic manner.

Acrylics are the perfect medium for what I currently paint as they dry fast, provide immediate results and allow me to stay flexible in terms of style. For the time being I seem to have found my tools and subject, but that will keep changing. Inevitably.

Photo: Susanne Lencinas